Printed Circuit Board Sleepers

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ControlIt Printed Circuit Board Sleepers

ControlIt Printed Circuit Board Sleepers. Click on the image to enlarge.

ControlIt Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Sleepers are designed to hold rails in place when crossing baseboard joins, lift up or lift out sections, turntables, traversers, storage cassettes, or anywhere that requires a reliable rail alignment wherever there is a track separation.

ControlIt PCB Sleepers are suitable for a range of HO scale track. Sleeper dimensions and spacing have been scaled from the Data Sheets Trackwork Manual for the New South Wales Railways (Note: product dimensions may vary very slightly due to manufacturing tolerances). Individual solder points for the rails represent sleeper plates as used on the prototype. The rails are electrically isolated and the top finish applied to the boards restricts solder to the sleeper plate areas, resulting in a neat and durable track join.

To use the PCB Sleepers:

On curved track the sleepers can be used as-is, or for accurate sleeper alignment they can be cut and soldered to the rail separately to suit the radius. A cutoff disk in a motor tool can be used to cut the webbing between sleepers.

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