Guard Rail Sleepers

ControlIt Guard Rail Sleepers

ControlIt Guard Rail Printed Circuit Board Sleepers. The top set of sleepers (one V board, one straight board) is for unidirectional track running where trains travel on the line in one direction. The bottom set (two V boards) is for bidirectional tracks where trains travel on the line in both directions. Click on the image to enlarge.

ControlIt Guard Rail Sleepers are used to neatly and securely hold inner guard rails, check rails or rails for dual-gauge track in place.

Guard rails are generally found where there is confined clearance, such as bridges, tunnels and level crossings. Check rails are found on sharp curves adjacent to the inner rail, the outer rail, or both rails. Guard rails and check rails are used to keep the wheels of rolling stock in alignment to prevent derailment. Dual-gauge track is where an extra running rail is provided for rolling stock of either gauge to use the same length of track.

ControlIt Guard Rail Sleepers are custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) scaled from official New South Wales Railways (NSWR) drawings and the Data Sheets Trackwork Manual for the New South Wales Railways (Note: product dimensions may vary very slightly due to manufacturing tolerances).

The Guard Rail Sleeper boards are designed for many applications:

Individual solder points for the rails represent sleeper plates as used on the prototype. The top finish applied to the boards restricts solder to the sleeper plate areas, thereby electrically isolating the inner rails from the running rails, and resulting in a neat and durable track join.

Guard Rail Sleepers are suitable for a range of HO scale track. For modelling trackwork to NSWR prototype standard, the spacing between the track rail head and the guard rail head is 2.34mm, which may require the removal of any plastic sleepers between the guard rail sleeper boards.

For guard rails on curved track, the sleepers can be cut and soldered to the rail separately to suit the radius. The sleepers have been numbered to assist in installing them in the correct order. A cutoff disk in a motor tool can be used to cut the webbing between sleepers.

For installation of long lengths of guard rails where gluing in place may be less practical, straight board sleepers can be added in intervals between the end boards.

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