009 Scale Track Power Sleepers

ControlIt 009 Scale Track Power Sleepers

ControlIt 009 Scale Track Power Sleepers. The white markings show the electrical connectivity between the holes and rails. Click on the image to enlarge.

ControlIt Track Power Sleepers deliver electrical power to 009 scale track in a discreet and dependable manner. A solid electrical and mechanical connection is assured - rails are soldered to the sleepers, wires are soldered into the holes.

ControlIt Track Power Sleepers have two pairs of holes, electrically separated from each other. Either pair of holes can be used for track power. The electrical connections from the holes to the rails are indicated in white.

The two pairs of holes make these boards ideal for use at power separation points such as between DC blocks or DCC power districts, train detection sections, and at frogs, reversing loops and wyes. Where there are gaps the rail ends are supported by the circuit board underneath.

The 1mm (3/64") diameter holes are spaced to allow connectors or headers to be used instead of wires - handy for test and DCC programming tracks, fiddle yards and cassettes.

ControlIt 009 Scale Track Power Sleepers are rated to a maximum of 3.5 Amps current.

Individual solder points for the rails represent sleeper plates as used on the prototype. The finish applied to the boards restricts solder to the sleeper plate areas and holes, resulting in neat and durable joins.

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